GNOME-based Form Editor Like M$ Infopath


I'll make this as short has possible.

M$ has InfoPath, a Form Editor which is part of their Office Suite:

GNOME needs this, too. (Also because we should enable companies that use
it to switch.) (Disclaimer: Nothing but my personal opinion.)

I would love to jump onto this. Other then using C++/gnomemm no design
decisions have been made yet. I have already made several
experimentations with gnomemm's Gnome::Canvas to gain some of the
knowledge necessary to create a good application design.

Of course, the application will be simple, usable, tiny, cute and most
of all feature-poor in early releases.

Comments, help and suggestions appreciated.
Also feel free to contact me (knipknap) at

|      Samuel Abels       |    |
| spam ad debain dod org  | knipknap ad jabber dod org |

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