Re: Copyright assignment

 --- Rob Adams <readams readams net> wrote: 
> I'm not even entirely convinced mere translations are even
> copyrightable.  Am I mistaken?

Absolutely. TRanslation is one of the classical cases of derivative work. 

> If they are, and they're GPL licensed and Novell doesn't own the
> copyright, Novell would not be able to distribute them as part of a non-
> GPL product, whether they are linked, loaded, or finely minced and fried
> in butter.  The key here is the redistribution -- Novell could for
> example include a utility to allow users to download GPL-licensed
> translation files separately from their distribution.

No. They would be able to just fine - withthe caevat for source availability
potentialy on request and reasonable cost for media & distribution just like for
anything else GPL.

> -Rob

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