Re: some details

On Wed, 2004-04-08 at 20:01 +0200, Angel Costa wrote:
> Hi to everyone.
> I know i'm quite new for writting here, but i've found some issues i
> would like to share with all the gnome comunity.
> 1 - Software engineering:
> I've looked at gnome web site and i've seen the project schedule and how
> does it come true. It's genial that part of the SE is being done, but i
> miss design prototipes for almost everything. I've found a packets
> diagram for the whole gnome project, but not for every part of the
> desktop. For the future (2.10 and beyond) could it be possible to create
> the design before create anything? this will be a very great step to
> improve GNOME. I know it's difficult and for all the programmers it's
> boring, but it's important (i think).

	I know what you mean, but in open source communities everything is done
by people with little time on their hands, so if you want something done
you basically have to do it yourself. You can't really compare it to a
proprietary system filled with meticulous docs and customer
requirements. It evolves as much as its designed.

	The basic design of the libraries is basically done, so there is no use
for such things for the developers. The only use is for learners, so
perhaps you could put together such things as you learn yourself. Thats
what I'm doing. GNOME would be grateful for you efforts!!


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