Re: Copyright assignment

> This is not the issue here.  What's at issue here is do we want people
> to be _required_ to assign their copyright in order to donate code to
> the platform.  The code from Ximian is not at issue -- Ximian can and
> should be able to make the code they have written proprietary, as should
> any contributor.  What is at issue is whether Ximian (or any other
> entity) should be able to make proprietary the code of _other_
> contributors.  The purpose of using the GPL in the first place is so
> that code someone licenses under the GPL cannot be made proprietary.  If
> we add BSD licensed code to the platform, we are allowed to license it
> under the GPL, and contributor contributions could be protected by the
> GPL.  Indeed, according to the GPL, we are required to make available
> this code under the GPL when we distribute it as part of the combined
> work that is the Gnome Desktop and Developer Platform.
> I do think that allowing contributors to always license under the GPL is
> an important goal for the project.  We shouldn't require that they allow
> a less restrictive license to their code, since it undermines the
> intentions of creating a GPL desktop in the first place.


I hope you are not suggesting we get rid of them?

> -Rob

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