Re: Copyright assignment

I think the general consensus seems to be that copyright assignment does
not cause a instant automatic rejection from the platform, but that its
something we strongly discourage.  The reality is that evolution is a
large and very important part of the desktop whether we include it in
the platform or not, and so for evolution we could perhaps overlook this
shortcoming.  Other modules with a similar policy might not be so lucky,
especially if they are borderline in the first place.


On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 18:24 +0100, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Okay, this is an interesting discussion but lets try and get some sort
> of resolution. What are people saying here?
>   1) Evolution should drop its Copyright assignment policy before
>      it can be considered for inclusion
>   2) A module without Copyright assignment is generally less hassle for 
>      everyone but its not something which need block an otherwise
>      acceptable module from being included
> 	If people are seriously suggesting the former, then lets have that
> discussion - otherwise lets move the discussion about Copyright
> assignment policies in GNOME to fonudation-list where the discussion has
> happened (but never concluded) before.
> 	And FWIW, I'm very much of the latter opinion.	
> Thanks,
> Mark.
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