Re: Copyright assignment

<quote who="Rob Adams">

> Note that this issue has previously (before the evolution proposal) been
> discussed on foundation-list, in the context of putting together a
> policy on copyright.  This is the part of the copyright policy draft
> that was put together at the time but never officially "blessed"
> relating to copyright assignment:

I don't think it was blessed because of the following statement:

  "Of course, it is possible to assign your copyright to any other person or
  organization. The GNOME Foundation does not recommend doing this, however,
  since the future freedom of the software cannot necessarily be assured if
  you, for example, assign your copyright to an organization not interested
  in keeping the software Free."

I don't think it's in the Foundation's best interests to *not* recommend
assignment, but clearly we need to figure out the right thing to do in the
general case with regards to non-Foundation [1] copyright assignments.

- Jeff

[1] because the Foundation doesn't do it yet

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