Re: Copyright assignment

<quote who="Nat Friedman">

> GNOME requires certain parts of the Mozilla project; Mozilla has required
> copyright assignment.
> So, there's no precedent in GNOME for denying inclusion to projects which
> are owned by non-GNOME parties or which ask that contributors assign
> copyright to a third non-GNOME party.  In fact, precedent goes the other
> way on this issue.

Note that there is a big difference between "required by dependency" and
"included in an official GNOME release", so there really is no precedent

That said, I can't see any serious problems with the copyright assignment
policies for Evolution. The only worrying thing for me is whether we turn
this into a general precedent for future modules. Let's forget the specifics
of Evolution for a moment, and consider the general case...

- Jeff

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