Re: gedit branched


> > Hi guys,
> > 	I've just branched gedit:
> > * gnome-2-6 is the stable branch
> > * HEAD is for new development
> 	Apologies for butting in, but I'm just curious as to why you've
> branched?
> 	Everything you've committed to HEAD looks like it would be suitable for
> 2.6.1. Am I misunderstanding something here?

I do not agree. I think the changes Paolo Borelli has committed
introduce too many code changes to be suitable for 2.6.1.
In particular gedit-debug.[ch] have been rewritten from scratch.
I'm also not completely comfortable in introducing changes like the ones
he made to gedit-document.c in a stable release (even if they could seem
quite safe).
The ones in bonobo-mdi.h and bonobo-mdi-child.h can be easily backported
to the stable branch but they are only cosmetic.
BTW, we have also branched since we are going to commit fixes that will
break string freeze. We will commit them as soon as the translators'
status pages will be updated.


> Thanks,
> Mark.

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