gconf backend


The new gconf backend I wrote a year ago seems to use about 50% of the
memory of the current one and I think Mark discovered that it's faster
CPU-wise also. Switching should thus save several megabytes desktop
footprint and some noticeable app startup and login time.

I didn't really realize it was noticeably better, since I rewrote it
just as a code cleanup not for any performance reason and never
profiled. Now that we know there's a real advantage to it though I think
it'd be worth changing over for GNOME 2.6. So I plan to do that at some
point if nobody screams.

The new backend passes the test suite and I know at least a couple
people have tried using it. I'll use it for my desktop for a few days
before switching it over in CVS.

Should be an entirely user-transparent change, the on-disk format is


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