making tarballs smaller

I'd like to propose to stop including .gmo files in released tarballs to
make them smaller.
These .gmo files are generated from .po files.
I understood that until now, it was up to the developers to decide to
include these files or not.
People who build from tarballs can IMO safely be assumed to have gettext
and intltools installed, so it wouldn't be a big problem.

I've asked Jody Goldberg to try it out in the Gnumeric releases.
Until now, nobody complained about them missing. (Did anybody notice?)

The removal of the .gmo files cut off 2.3 MB of the (gzip compressed)
tarball of gnumeric. (at that time that meant about 16% decrease in

So how about doing this for the next GNOME releases?

Tino Meinen

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