Re: gnome-panel fails to convert drawers

On Sun, 2003-09-21 at 23:56, George J Karabin wrote:
> I saw this with two newly created drawers (i.e., a clean install, not an
> upgrade). The drawers had been working fine for a bit, but at some point
> during a session, they just quit working. I deleted them, and created a
> new drawer, which seems to be fine so far. This is on a current Red Hat
> Rawhide installation.

The problem actually starts to occur after you restart the panel.  It
happens regardless of whether or not the panels were converted from
GNOME 2.2 or created fresh in GNOME 2.4.  The bug is, and it's fixed in
CVS.  Thanks for the follow-up, though.


> - George
> On Sat, 2003-09-20 at 02:33, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> > I did a quick look through Bugzilla, but nothing seemed to match.  After
> > upgrading two machines from GNOME 2.2 to 2.4, I noticed gnome-panel
> > doesn't convert the launchers in drawers correctly.  That is, I still
> > see the icons under the drawers, but now they are no longer clickable
> > (though I can move the icons within the drawer).  I can't get properties
> > on the launchers, but I do see their config files in
> > ~/.gnome2/panel2.d/default/launchers.  I also see entries for the
> > launchers in the panel gconf keys.  If I add a new launcher to one of
> > the drawers, it works as expected.  All of my launchers on a main panel
> > (i.e. not within a drawer) were converted correctly.
> > 
> > Is this to be expected?  Is anyone else seeing this?  Thanks.
> > 
> > Joe
Joe Marcus Clarke
FreeBSD GNOME Team	::	gnome FreeBSD org
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