Re: spatial stuff detail

Raphael Bosshard wrote:
My only concern is that there will be a gap between the usual file handling (like moving files from one place to the other) and opening files from an application (File->Open). Any idea how the object-oriented idea could be applied to the new file picker? Else, users will still have the location-based based file management around.
I like the idea though. I'm really curious how it "feels" like.

Well in a true object/document oriented ui, you would not have a file->open dialog, because you would only have document views (ie a one to one relation between a file/document and its view similar to how nautilus will handle folders in 2.6) applications would be an implemenation detail not exposed to the user at all (the exception might be tools such as the calculator). [1] For instance instead of opening an application to create a new text file, you would instead have a "New" menu item in the panel from which you could select New->text file. You could save this file using a file save dialog, but to open another text file you would open the folder that contains the file from the desktop and double click the file to open it. This is sort of pie-in-the-sky in reference to gnome 2.6, but one of the main goals of the spacial file manager ui design is to encourage users to actually use the file manager to open and manage their files. Seth has pointed out in other emails that windows explorer historically has not made this an easy task and hence windows users tend to use file->open dialogs to do many file management tasks. In contrast macos9 users tend to do most file management through the finder. dave [1] I'm not sure of the technical merit or possibility of this, but with the spacial ui, nautilus file views could replace applications (assuming views allowed you to edit the content and save/rename etc). You'd basically have file shell provided by nautilus and apps would add the necessary menus via menu merging etc.

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