Re: Application menu.

<quote who="Daniel Borgmann">

> Well, just a thought... What about placing this application menu to the
> right instead, in place of the current "Help"?
> Then the position of "File" (and all other items) would never change,
> also the "Help" and "About" items would roughly stay at the same place,
> with "Quit" and "Preferences" being the only items to move. 
> This shouldn't be very intimidating to new users, I think, but still
> have the advantage of a good place for items like about and preferences.

Okay so, different to Windows, different to Mac OS, different to Mac OS X,
different to just about everything out there. What do we win? A prize for
being obtuse?


- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
  "Everything I knew about TCP/IP I had downloaded the same day I started
                     hacking the net code." - Alan Cox

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