Re: Volume handling proposal

> I don't like this idea. The reason we went to ~/Desktop was to have the
> desktop directory visible. Having it sometimes there and sometimes not
> (people might not immediately grasp the reasons its sometimes hidden)
> can be frustrating when you're looking for it and you know it was there
> before.
> I think that while the desktop->home->desktop loop is a bit "strange" it
> doesn't really affect the mental model, because you probably see the
> home icon and the other volume as links, a concept we expose at various
> places in the desktop. 

OK, I agree that it can be confusing to hide it in some places and show
it in some other places.

Though, i'd like to know what will happen if I open "Home" in spacial
nautilus and, then, double-click on "Desktop". Will it open "Desktop" in
a new window or will it hide all windows and show the desktop (the way
the "show desktop" applet does it) ? After all, isn't the desktop just
special directory opened at startup ?

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