Re: Volume handling proposal

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 18:11, Julien Olivier wrote:
> just a comment about the desktop -> home -> desktop loop:
> > The desktop will contain the current Home link and trash can. Home is
> > here since it is a really frequently visited location, basically being
> > the unix version of "My Documents". Some people dislike this because
> > it creates a loop (Desktop is in Home, Desktop points to home), but I
> > think its more important to have quick access to home than being
> > "loop-free". 
> Why not simply hide (using .hidden file) the "Desktop" folder from the
> "home" folder when viewed in "spacial" mode. Let me explain myself: it
> makes no sense to open the "Desktop" folder from the "Home" folder as
> the "Desktop" folder is already opened (it's the desktop actually). If
> you don't hide the "Desktop" folder from the "Home" folder, it is
> possible to have the "Desktop" folder opened while the desktop is
> already visible, thus breaking the concept of spacial file management.

I don't like this idea. The reason we went to ~/Desktop was to have the
desktop directory visible. Having it sometimes there and sometimes not
(people might not immediately grasp the reasons its sometimes hidden)
can be frustrating when you're looking for it and you know it was there

I think that while the desktop->home->desktop loop is a bit "strange" it
doesn't really affect the mental model, because you probably see the
home icon and the other volume as links, a concept we expose at various
places in the desktop. 

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