Re: Volume handling proposal

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 18:01, iain wrote:
> I dunno, it might be nice to have a CD on the desktop, you click on it
> to open it and if no CD is in, then the CD tray opens and a dialog says
> "Please insert a CD"

Argh... regardless of where the icon would be I don't reckon this as a
good idea:

I've suffered cursing from someone using Windows who couldn't find her
files on the floppy.
When I asked her if she had inserted the floppy, her answer was "I don't
know, the floppy icon is there regardless of the floppy actually being

Besides the point of typical /luser/ stupidity, it shows that a
persistent icon is confusing.

Now, I can understand that one would do that for floppies since most
floppy drives do not give any signal when a floppy is inserted (which I
think all Apple floppy drives do), but devices such as cdroms?

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