Re: Nautilus 2.6 - We're going all spatial

On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 18:44, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-09-16 at 22:52, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > I think one thing that's wrong here is that people are saying "this is
> > going to not work" while they have no idea *how* its going to work.  Why
> > not wait for the changes to be usable (they're in CVS, iirc, on a
> > particular branch, no?) and then actually *try* the interface, and see
> > which problems are real, and which are just baseless assumptions.  ~,^
> Yes. I've based what I've said on my usage of that branch.

Whoops.  "my bad"  ^^;

> I've recently (read: past few hours) realised that the branch is fairly
> preliminary though, and some of the issues raised in this thread need to
> be fixed before it can be tested as a UI prototype. It's an alpha UI,
> like alpha software but with the UI instead :)

Right.  I was going to say something along those lines myself.  It has
been said that this is just an experiment of sorts, one hoped to be
successful, but something the Nautilus maintainers/coders won't force
down users throats if proven not to work all that well.  We hope. ;-)

Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>
AwesomePlay Productions, Inc.

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