Re: spatial stuff detail

On Mon, 15 Sep 2003, Dave Camp wrote:

> * Object windows are one-window-per-location.

Would this be one window per (virtual) desktop?

What is the view on virtual screens/desktops? And what is the name used in
gnome? I'll use screen in this letter. My view is that each screen is like
it's own little computer. I open a window on one screen, then move to
another screen to do some work, and when I go back the first screen all
the windows I left there are stil there.

If you have one-window-per-location for the whole computer and not per 
screen then if you open the same location on another screen the first 
window will have to be closed (or moved).

The concept of each screen as a virtual computer is as I see it the 
simplest view of that concept. A view that even beginners can understand.


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