Re: spatial stuff detail

Hi Dave,

On Mon, 2003-09-15 at 15:30, Dave Camp wrote:
> I just committed the start of the spatial UI stuff to the

	But I still want the graphical 'emotion' display - of how the
application is feeling at any given moment displayed as an alpha overlay
of a 3D rendered face reflecting real emotion based on ...

	OTOH - this is really nice :-) particularly this:

> * NautilusWindow has been split into a NautilusWindow base class, 
>   a NautilusObjectWindow subclass, and a NautilusNavigationWindow
>   subclass.  NautilusDesktopWindow now derives from
>   NautilusObjectWindow.

	Does this mean that we can slowly bin the tens of nasty chunks where
the code does something like:

	if (is_desktop_window) // FIXME: #123456 sub-class here
		... do desktop stuff ...
		... do something else ...

	if so you rock :-)

> * How do we want to change the idl?  Should we just stick with
>   abusing the open_location_* rather than trying to change things?
>   (it's worth noting that the old semantics of those functions
>   don't make much sense now).

	That's an internal interface - yes ? or at least, we can break
libnautilus clients ? even so, I guess whatever the outcome it's prolly
worth adding a chunk of void dummy1 ();  type methods to the
ViewFrame/View interfaces there.

> * How do we want views to figure out what kind of window they're in? 
>   Ambient property for the control?  idl extension?

	Properties are perhaps nicer than explicit IDL methods; although
perhaps less easy to document.

	Anyway; looks really great to me,



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