Re: Temujin

lör 2003-09-13 klockan 09.47 skrev Dmitry G. Mastrukov:
> > >From now on all releases should be named exclusively after cute, furry
> > things, such as bunnies, kittens, puppies, or chinchillas.
> There are so many names of achivements of human spirit and mind. I don't
> understand why we should use one of the symbols of destruction for our
> release.

Although I strongly believe we should very much respect the fact that
people are offended by different things, not to speak of avoiding making
fun of or using sarcasm on people that are offended no matter how
ununderstandable it may be from our own viewpoint, I think it's clear
that offending people with this release name wasn't intentional.

So let's move on. The next 2.4.1 release will most likely use another
name, as always. I see no need for continuing this thread.


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