Re: Temujin

В ?? 12.09.2003, в 00:55, Dmitri Hrapof пишет:
> > "Temujin"
> > They were swift, precise, equipped with superior
> > technology, ingenious in their approach to war, 
> > keenly organised and consistently outnumbered - 
> > not that it detracted from their exploits on the 
> > battlefield.
> First of all, let me thank you for your great work!
> I'm truly devoted to GNU (associate member) & Open
> Source & CORBA & GNOME.
> But I'm also not completely ignorant of history.
> The same words --- "swift, precise, etc." can ne said
> about Nazi troops. After all, they fought the rest of
> the world for 6 years, 1939-1945. Why hadn't you named
> that release after Adolf Hitler?
> I guess you haven't seen piles of bones found by
> archeologists in burned cities: Moscow, Kiev, Ryazan,
> Vladimir, Chernigov, etc. And there were also Chinese
> cities, Asian cities, Georgian cities, Polish cities,
> Korean cities, Arab cities, Iranian cities. And
> genocide everywhere. Have you heard Russian folk songs
> about Mongol invasion?
> Hatred is bad feeling, but personally I feel nothing
> but hatred about Temujin. :-(
Yeah, I have similar bad feelings after reading annonunce. I was going
to write something but Dmitri leave me behind.


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