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<quote who="Carlos Perell? Mar?n">

> El vie, 12-09-2003 a las 04:25, Rob Adams escribi?:
> > Of course the hard code freeze is gone; otherwise what's the point of a
> > 2.4.1 release?
> bugfix and translation updates.

Yaaaay! :-)

The as-yet unspoken policy of post-.0 releases is that we shift back to UI
freeze status. This means you:

  * Can't add features especially if they add UI and/or strings (unless they
    fix known issues and are accepted by r-t or were punted previously)

  * Can't add or change UI (same caveats as above)

  * Can make bug-fixing string changes (spelling, new strings if some were
    forgotten - please tell the i18n team, whatever)
  * Can fix bugs of any sort (including performance related bugs)

  * Can always make documentation and translation changes

These are in place until the next point release arrives, at which time there
may or may not be stronger freezes and testing, etc., mostly depending on
the importance of the point release and what's in it.

I will make sure these get into the release documentation, pending release
team acceptance that it's all sane.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
   On a clear day, I bet you can really see the class struggle from that
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