Re: gswitchit: the earlier the better

Hello Havoc

> My opinion is that if you have an abstraction layer where someone could
> theoretically add support for other platforms, it's fine if we only
> actually support XFree86 4.3. Just be sure the configure script detects
> the situation and doesn't install something that won't work.
> If vendors care about the functionality they can add support for it.
Well, the thing is that all I know is X/XKB specs (which do not address
the configuration issues at all), reference implementation of XKB
configuration (~=earlier XFree versions), "good" implementation from
XFree 4.3.0. You see, there is not enough information do create decent
XKB configuration AL. Sure, I can consider libxklavier as such, but with
all fairness now it is not really "abstract" (though the whole thing
should not die with other X servers anyway). So I would be EXTREMELY
grateful if people point me out/send docs about Sun/HP/... XKB



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