gswitchit: the earlier the better

Hi all

Congratulations to everyone here. Now, the life is going under 2.5
number, isn't it? Soon we'll get 1/4 of the GNOME 10.

When the release team return back from the pubs, I offer to discuss one
little annoying piece of the software - infamous GSwitchIt XKB toolkit.

There are 2 most crucial questions:

1. UI and HIG compliance. Some people here expressed the interest in
redesign of the glade files - but no real files so far. Anyway, I am
always open to the public and private discussion on that matter.
Actually, with gswitchit moving to plugin-based architecture, this
matter should be reviewed again IMHO.

2. Much more problematic. Support of various X servers. As I've told
many times, GSwitchIt shows his best features with XFree 4.3 (and I even
explained why, the keyword is "multiple layouts") - so the problem is
with commercial servers. Contacting Alan Coopersmith from Sun, I got the
answer which did not sound too good to me:
I looked at it and forwarded it to our i18n & l10n groups.  No one
commented on it, or even showed any interest in it.   It seems
reasonable, so we may do it at some point in the future, but we have no
immediate plans to do so and many higher priority projects to finish
before we do it.
I'm afraid other big companies (located mostly in US) would not show
much interest either:(

So my questions are:

- Would it make sense to contact HP or any other vendor of commercial X
servers and ask them question about their opinion on the problem of
multiple layouts? If so, how could I find the contacts?

- If commercial vendors do not show any interest, will GNOME still be
interested in adopting gswitchit into the core?

- Quite possible, commercial X servers have their own approaches to xkb
i18n and configuration. Is there anyone here who uses these servers
could help me with evaluating gswitchit on non-xfree platform?

I remember, in 2.3 development cycle someone claimed gswitchit was
offered too late - so I am starting asking bad question on the first day
after the release.



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