Re: [Fwd: [Bug 121902] New - /usr/lib/locale vs. /usr/share/locale]

On Wed, 2003-09-10 at 18:37, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Jaka Mocnik">
> > as this is a pending problem with 2.4.0 tarball, I'd appreciate an answer
> > asap.
> Waaaaaaaaaay past the point of no return for 2.4.0, Jaka... Sorry. 8)
afaik 2.4 is released on 15th: having the i18n files install in an
improper dir is a show-stopping bug: it means that i18n simply
isn't working for GGV. besides, this happens to a number of other
packages - refer to the bugzilla entry #121902, egmont uhulinux hu that
reported this will know more.

sadly, I never spotted this since I haven't made a clean install
of all the gnome 2.4 stuff in a while...

the way I see it there is plenty of time for ggv that
installs locale files in the proper place before the 2.4 final



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