Re: GTK unlock dialog for Xscreensaver


> Is there still work being done on making xscreensaver use GTK for the
> unlock dialog?
> The above list message refers to a cvs module that no longer exists, and
> I cannot for the life of me figure out where the official xscreensaver
> cvs lives.

Yeah, Jacob [bless his little heart] did a bunch of work on GTK'ing the
unlock dialog a while back for GNOME 2.0 on Solaris - from what I
remember it was a needed accessibility solution. Anyway, to cut a long
story of much pain, the patches never really got any further upstream
getting deeply lost and forgotten about. I've managed to resurrect the
patch for Mad Hatter [Sun's Linux desktop product], but the patch itself
is heavily mixed up with some smart card support [1]. We have pretty
much no infrastructure ready for patches as yet, but I'm sure the src
rpms will be available at some stage.

> This is something I might like to hack on, with the intention of
> integrating xscreensaver and gdm to provide some sort of user switching
> while the display is loccked.

FWIW, I'd *love* to see someone sit down and write an integrated and
maintainable screensaver and cut out all those 80's style screensaver
hacks - I even tried to convince Sun to only ship < 10, but that didn't
get very far ;)

I'm not saying that xscreensaver doesn't do the job right now - I just
reckon we could probably come up with something pretty awesome if we, um
someone, put their minds to it.


[1] Probably shouldn't be too hard to seperate the patches out, but I
    didn't have the time nor the motivation

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