Re: GTK unlock dialog for Xscreensaver (replace Xscreensaver)

On Mon, 2003-09-08 at 15:14, Rob Adams wrote:
> Perhaps the time has come to do a gnome-screensaver project, perhaps a
> fork of xscreensaver.  xscreensaver is something of a black sheep in the
> gnome desktop, and it would be very nice if we could come up with
> something more in line with the goals of the gnome desktop.  It would
> also free us to do things like the gdm/xscreensaver integration, which I
> think has the potential to be very cool.  It could also avoid the
> duplication of power management/blanking configuration in gdm and
> xscreensaver.

The subject comes up from time to time.  Other desktop have gone their
own rather than deal with xscreensaver.  There is general agreement that
a replacement screensaver app must run the current lot of screensavers. 
There is general agreement that that most of the sceensavers are
trash--there is no agreement as to which ones those are.

I need and idle-active service to get idle notification from for
Medusa.  So to do other apps like DrWright which needs activity
notification.  A good design for a screensaver app might to break up the
xscreensaver functionality into smaller reusable apps.

1. An idle-activity demon (possibly extending the

2. A simple screensaver app that is compatible with the current set
of screensavers.  It is a client of the i-a demon

3. A screen locker that is a client of the i-a demon

4. An alternate power management app that is a client of the i-a demon.

5. Update existing apps like DrWright and Medusa to use the new i-a

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