Re: PATCH for 2.4.0: Correct default panel size

Le sam 06/09/2003 à 03:19, Mark Finlay a écrit :
> Bug:
> I know that it is very late in the release process but I think that this
> should be corrected and it isn't even a code change.
> The issue is that when you created a new user in 2.2 the panel would
> default to 24px but in 2.4 it defaults to 32px. Mark told me that the
> reason he did this was because he thought that the panels were always 32
> because of a bug which added 6px padding to the panel. I've never seen
> this bug myself and for me the default panel config always consisted of
> 24px panels. I'm pretty sure that Mark said it was ok to change it back,
> but it was on IRC so I'm ccing him (and the other two listed in the
> MAINTAINERS file) just to be doubly sure. And of course the release
> team.
> I know it's a stupid little thing, but I specialise in those....
hehe :)

Anyway, ok for me.. You still need another R-T approval before

Frederic Crozat

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