Re: Developer Platform Improvements?

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 00:51, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> Could maintainers of Developer Platform modules [1] please forward notes
> about DP improvements to the release team [2] for inclusion in the release
> notes?

As a related issue, we need to be better at making applications use new
and interesting APIs.  For example, few apps use the
GtkWidget::popup_menu() signal, and this sucks.  It makes integrators
like Ximian include ugly patches --- we have a patch that synthesizes a
button 3 press when the user hits the Menu key, hoping that a popup menu
will appear.  This doesn't work right because the user expects the
focused widget to pop up a menu, but it appears for whatever widget is
under the mouse cursor instead.

The KDE team has been rather good at this; when new API features appear
and they are generally useful to applications, they allocate a lot of
developer resources, even library developer resources, to fixing
applications to use the new feature consistently.


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