Re: Developer Platform Improvements?

On Fri, 2003-09-05 at 07:51, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> Hi gang,
> Could maintainers of Developer Platform modules [1] please forward notes
> about DP improvements to the release team [2] for inclusion in the release
> notes?
> I know there hasn't been a huge amount of work done here, but things like
> ORBit2 threading updates will have a positive impact for hackers working
> with the GNOME Developer Platform, so are definitely worth mentioning in our
> release documentation. News of interesting bug or performance fixes,
> featurelets, however technical, would be greatly appreciated.


* Allow gconf keys to be set to not use the proxy settings for some

* IPV6 support added. uris can now have ipv6 addresses in them.

* New uri-scheme "dav:" included, which basically is the same as http:
but is prefered for referencing webdav resources, since it uris like
that will open in the right app and not always in the webbrowser.

* New function "gnome_vfs_url_show()" to show a uri with the default
handler for it. This replaces gnome_url_show() in libgnome (which now
calls the new gnome-vfs function). The new code also looks at the mime
type of the file, in addition to special-case handlers for some types of

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