Re: GStreamer CVS move ?

I'd love to see gstreamer on a better server so ...

> b) as for a *real* move of GStreamer to GNOME, here's what we'd like:
> - ssh-based access, like on sf (for practicality reasons)
This is something that I think is planned anyway.

> - non-lagging anonymous access (for practicality reasons)

BSD uses some sort of read only cvs system to allow anonymous access to
the ports tree. Its a whole lot faster that 'cvs co' I'm told

> - pointing to, with a different cvsroot
> (say /cvs/gstreamer) (for political reasons)

I imagine that this is possible but I can't speak for the admins

> - transfer of our current developer base to the new repository
Well yeah, that is an obvious requirement. You would just need to make a
list I imagine.

> A good alternative might be "being hosted on freedesktop" if there is a
> possibility for that (though I seem to remember freedesktop is basically
> hosted by codefactory ?)

There was definitely talk of a freedesktop cvs repository might be a
good place for it "(for political reasons)" 

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