Re: GtkFileChooser API work [getting OT]

On Wednesday 03 September 2003 19:09, iain wrote:
> if given the chance I'd think .gnome-cd is much more understandable than
> .etc/gnome-cd, given that I first of all have to go through the process
> of thinking "What the buck does .etc mean?"[1]

And then the people who complain about home folder bloat will jump in and 
flame everyone down...

> Then why don't we name them .a, .b, .c, .d, and so on?
> Afterall, people aren't supposed to see them, so why waste valuable
> diskspace on multiple letter names when one character will do?

I think it should be rephrased as "only meaningful to power users or 
programmers". To me, .etc *has* a meaning. .a does not.
Althought there is an exception. A: and C: aren't exactly intuitive either. 
Yet people still accept these totally unintuitive system identifiers.
Keep this in mind: the only thing intuitive is a nipple. Everything else is 
*learned*. You only think .etc is confusing until you've learned it. Win95 
confused the hell out of me the first time I used it.

> iain
> [1] Incidently what the buck does /etc mean? And /var for that
> matter...oh yeah, and /usr

etc: Etcetera (configuration files)
var: Variable data, like the printer spooler
usr: Unix System Resources

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