Re: GtkFileChooser API work

This could probably done much more nicely so far as UI concerned.  I can
imagine a user getting confused as to why their OK button is disabled,
not understand it's because they are outside a particular directory.

Would probably be nicer to just let them pick any directory, and then
check it after they hit OK - if the selected path is "invalid", then pop
up a dialog explaining the situation, and pop them back into the filter

In general, tho, it seems a very bad idea to limit write locations. 
There may very well be a reason the user isn't using a standard location
(making a backup, for example).

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 10:36, Brian Cameron wrote:
> One thing that I think would be useful would be to allow the
> programatic specification of which directories can be accessed
> via the GtkFileChooser dialog.
> I was working on a program that was intended to be run as root
> and for safety purposes, we wanted to restrict the dialog to only
> allow users to save files to particular directories.  This was
> to prevent accidental overwrite of any important files, etc.  In
> the custom filechooser that I implemented, the "OK" button was
> grayed out if the user navigated to a directory that wasn't in
> the list of acceptable directories.  This could probably be
> handled more elegantly, though.
> Since the default GtkFileChooser didn't allow a list of acceptable
> directories to be specified, I had to implement my own custom file
> chooser.  It seems like this sort of feature would be generally
> useful for programs that want to restrict the loading/saving of
> files to/from particular directories (such as a MyDocuments
> directory), or for selection of files that are always in the
> same locations - such as those system files which are found
> in /usr, /etc, or in the user's home directory.
> Brian
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