Re: SVG format in metacity, gtk, desklets and build system for Gnome

On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 12:02, Marcin Antczak wrote:
> Hello!
> I have some thoughts after reading "KDE and Gnome" threat recently on
> this list and I would like to share them and ask what do you think about
> it.
> 1. About themes...
> 	a. We have Metacity which uses specific XML structure do 	describe
> theme layout and elements.
> 	I wonder why developer invents it's own "priopretary" format 	instead
> adapt SVG semantics?
> 	b. We have librsvg with experimental SVG theme engine for GTK+ 	why
> community doesn't promote this way of describing user 	interface?
> 	We have great SVG icon themes why not draw entire desktop with 	SVG?	
> 	c. after karamba success we have gdesklets and they has it's own 	way
> to define properties in XML format - again not compatible 	with SVG
> 2. About building and deployment
> I know that this ugly GNU build system with their automakes and
> autoconfs are most popular way to build applications in Linux world.
> But I think that it is really ugly way do deploy desktop environment.
> I wonder if Gnome community couldn't use it's own more modern way to
> build, pack and deploy applications...
> Just it's own package format and build system - I know that there's
> Garnome but I just compiled 2.4rc2.... it took me about 18h and I was
> really frustrated after this experience... (Ximian patches for GTK are
> nice :-) so I switched back to "stable" XD2).
> Don't you think that Gnome desktop could have it's own modern build
> system, which could be fast and effective? (with easy way to define
> build preferences for applications and easy patching)
it would be awesome, do you have time to start working on it? currently
one of the problems of every project is the *lack* of resources and
developers. If there is something that already works or that almost
works there is no need to change it.

a new packaging system, those are mayor words, there are already enough
different packaging systems to built yet another one.

patching is easy patch -p0 < patch.diff, could there be anything easier?


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