Re: GtkFileChooser API work


On Wed, 2003-09-03 at 14:27, Jody Goldberg wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 12:49:08PM -0500, Federico Mena Quintero wrote:
> > 
> > Plain GTK+ apps would be using the GtkFileSystemUnix implementation. 
> > Right now it only returns "/" in list_roots, but I guess we could steal
> > some code from (say) the Midnight Commander to read the information from
> > mtab et al.  MC is GPL, though...
> We can pull the code from gnome-vfs file::is_local that was
> relicensed to LGPL from gnu-find.

Are you talking about the stuff in file-module.c (do_get_local)? That is
ultimately called by things like gnome_vfs_uri_is_local(), for example.
That test looks hosed because it thinks an NFS-mounted (and AFS) system
is not local (so /home on all the boxes I use at work is apparently as
"remote" as a WebDAV or FTP site). 

This looks like it could wander into the same territory as the is_local
flags in Nautilus which are sort of doubling (er .. tripling) as
"is_fast", "is_possibly_going_to_be_missing" and
"is_on_the_hard_drive_in_the_box_at_my_feet" and possibly some other
purposes; I never quite wrapped my brain around all the uses and why
they were required. Whatever the reasons are, and I am note questioning
their legitimatacy, it leads to some non-intuitive (a.k.a really
annoying) behaviour at times.


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