Re: GtkFileChooser API work

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 02:57, Alexander Larsson wrote:

> Regarding the immutable part here and removable volumes in particular.
> This should probably be at least partly synchronized with the nautilus
> tree sidebar. At some point this means sharing the code that does volume
> scanning and mount detection. This part of nautilus is horrible, and
> could do well with a rewrite, perhaps pushing it to a lower level so
> that gnome apps could use it in the file selector.

GtkFileSystemGnomeVFS should go in gnome-vfs or perhaps in
libgnome[ui].  The GtkFileSystem interface already has methods for
list_roots, get_root_info, roots_changed, so the VFS-specific
implementation could handle those in the same way as Nautilus.  In any
case it does make sense to have all that volume-handling stuff in

Plain GTK+ apps would be using the GtkFileSystemUnix implementation. 
Right now it only returns "/" in list_roots, but I guess we could steal
some code from (say) the Midnight Commander to read the information from
mtab et al.  MC is GPL, though...


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