Re: The old gweather datasource problem again...

On 22/10/03 22:08, Kevin Vandersloot wrote:

I noticed that now provides xml feeds for every city:*&dayf=6

This has a nice format, and is available for all the cities that supports (which is a lot), and gives forecast data also. It
would be trivial to resurrect the improved gweather code to use this

Perhaps someone with better legal understanding than I can contact (maybe a GNOME foundation board member)? Maybe we can get an
agreement to use the data if we display links to etc.
The notice at the top of that XML document says:

<!--This document is intended only for use by authorized licensees of The Weather Channel. Unauthorized use is prohibited. Copyright 1995-2002, The Weather Channel Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.-->

I would assume that this means that it isn't okay to go ahead and use that data. Of course, asking couldn't hurt.


Email: james daa com au

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