Re: gDesklets in GNOME 2.5?

On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 03:26, Seth Nickell wrote:

> The existing gDesklets model is a confusing mish-mash of the two that
> produces the worst of both worlds. You have to "install" all the sensors
> needed for a display, and then you have to launch the .display file as a
> little bundle in user-realm. There's no standard list of installed
> desklets (that I can find). Its a usability nightmare.
> I would suggest providing a little window that has a list of gDesklets
> installed on the system (perhaps done as a VFS uri and viewed through
> Nautilus, but you still need to add something to a menu somewhere,
> perhaps somewhere in Nautilus or the panel, so its discoverable). Then
> make gdesklets-extras have a real auto*/make system so we can do system
> installs of standard desktops.

Can we please get off the vfs crack? Implementing a vfs module and
hacking up nautilus to integrate with it is *not* a good way to get a
window with a list in. Such windows are much easier done using Gtk+, and
you will likely get a much better, dedicated UI.

I'm doing my best to turn gnome-vfs into a system that handles volumes
and network filesystems in a good way and integrates well with the
desktop, but each cracky not-really-a-filesystem vfs module that gets
added makes this harder.

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