TARBALLS DUE: GNOME 2.5.0 Development Release

Good morning all,

I have a little story to tell. The other weekend, I went paintballing. This
is an incredibly violent activity, in which two teams dress up in army green
overalls, don scary helmets, and shoot water-based paint pellets at each
other with semi-automatic gas-powered rifles. As I surveyed the battlefield,
a thought struck me - as hard as those little welt-inducing pellets were
hitting the other team - that all these crazy kids running around in green
overalls and facemasks looked just like... DAVE "CAPTAIN" CAMP.


So this week, YOU TOO can be just like DAVE "CAPTAIN" CAMP, by releasing
your latest MINDNUMBINGLY COOL software for the first GNOME 2.5 series
release. If you're not excited now, just wait until we send Dave around to
convince you that RELEASES ARE COOL. He sharpens his teeth, by the way.


  If you're keen to see your software included in GNOME 2.6, please make a
  release this week, and send an email to desktop-devel-list and
  release-team to let everyone know that you've proposed your module and
  will be following the 2.5 series releases.

If you're already in the modules list, you know the drill. :-)

We'll release everything that builds and runs which is available by
Wednesday or Thursday this week.


- Jeff

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  "Whoever wrote [the Twisted documentation] uses a vivid and interesting
         style of prose which triggers pleasure." - Francois Pinard

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