Re: GNOME Toolkit

On Mon, 2003-10-13 at 02:49, Zeitgeist wrote:
> GNOME really needs to move their base over from a new, unstable,
> untested toolkit to Motif.
> Motif is the world's most mature toolkit for those critical mission
> applications. This fast, bug-free, attractive toolkit seems the perfect
> choice from GNOME and related applications.
> Just imagine the sex appeal of a Motif GNOME and Evolution desktop? With
> the UI gurus from Sun on board, (those people who smartly choose CDE as
> a UNIX desktop), how can we loose?

Finally, a call to action for the masses.  I hear you and I follow.  
This theme fad has gotten way out of hand.  We've spent far too much
time trying to make widgets people can use, honestly, if we could do
that we would have done that years ago.

> Motif will bring GNOME and Linux into the 21st centuary!

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