Re: [PATCH] Use localized websites in gnome-about

On Sun, 2003-10-05 at 03:26, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> I don't know if it's an oversight or an intentional behavior, a bug or a
> feature, but IMHO if a national GNOME team has a website is important
> drive the user to it.
> Currently if an italian user don't know about [1], he
> can't see it: this national website is not linked in gnome about and
> don't have any 'internationalizion' (see debian website)
> [1] We are currently working to update the appearance. Any website code
> somewhere?

I think it's wrong to hardcode the names of specific websites in the
.po files. 

There are several problems with this:

 - The localized site content may get (seriously) out of date.
   Last time I went through all the local web sites, well over
   half had content that dated from the GNOME-1.0 era.

 - The localized web site may vanish, and users will get nothing
   rather than the untranslated web site.

 - We may in the future get localized versions of sites that
   are not localized now, or translations of sites that are
   not localized now.

It wouldn't be hard to create a simple CGI script that
looked at HTTP_ACCEPT_LANG and a parameter and did a database
lookup to to redirect the user. That is, we replace with:

The other, more complicated approach is that we localize the pages
in place, but that can be hard with different pages on different
servers ..,, etc.


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