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El dom, 30-11-2003 a las 22:31, Rodrigo Moya escribió:
> Hi


> The other day, when giving a tutorial on GTK, I started a fast user
> switching applet. I didn't come too far away, except for adding the 'New
> login' menu item to the applet's menu.
> Today, talking on IRC with Mark, he suggested having it in
> Actions->Switch user, and have that run gdmflexiserver. I did that (was
> really easy), but the problem is that this only works for opening new
> sessions, but not for switching to an existing session.
> So, how could this be implemented? I guess the Actions menu is the right
> place for it, but instead of opening a new gdm login, it should probably
> display a dialog that allows the user to either switch to an existing
> login, or create a new session (in which case, the normal gdmflexiserver
> will be run).

I think you should always execute the gdmflexiserver and add a feature
to gdm so if you login again, it changes to your previous login session
instead of open a new one.

MacOSX does that, the "problem" is that you need a way to tell
xscreensaver that the user is already authenticated from gdm so the user
does not need introduce his/her password two times.

> That's how I see it right now, that gdmflexiserver, who knows, AFAIK,
> which users are logged in, can have a --show-chooser (or whatever)
> command line argument that would make it display that dialog.
> Mark has other ideas, so please Mark, tell us :-)
> Any other thougts?


> cheers
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