fast user switching


The other day, when giving a tutorial on GTK, I started a fast user
switching applet. I didn't come too far away, except for adding the 'New
login' menu item to the applet's menu.

Today, talking on IRC with Mark, he suggested having it in
Actions->Switch user, and have that run gdmflexiserver. I did that (was
really easy), but the problem is that this only works for opening new
sessions, but not for switching to an existing session.

So, how could this be implemented? I guess the Actions menu is the right
place for it, but instead of opening a new gdm login, it should probably
display a dialog that allows the user to either switch to an existing
login, or create a new session (in which case, the normal gdmflexiserver
will be run).

That's how I see it right now, that gdmflexiserver, who knows, AFAIK,
which users are logged in, can have a --show-chooser (or whatever)
command line argument that would make it display that dialog.

Mark has other ideas, so please Mark, tell us :-)

Any other thougts?


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