Re: Proposal for inclusion of gmodconfig in GNOME 2.5

Julien Olivier wrote:
Per Andrew's advice I'm looking into HAL:
I suppose an application could ask HAL which module corresponds to a
certain device, load up gmodconfig for that module and embed e.g.
gmodconfig's notebook widget. Implementation-wise this could be done
by turning part of gmodconfig into a GNOME component for example.

I fully agree. And I'd like to see gmodconfig in GNOME release, but not
as a module-tweaking UI tool, but as a backend-module used by whether
HAL or apps directly.

(one month later...) I'm happy to report that I've turned gmodconfig's
core (the notebook widget and the underlying machinery), into a Bonobo
control. The code is in CVS. It'll get packaged as a release after
some more testing. For more infos:


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