Re: PROPOSAL: Evolution for GNOME 2.6

El mar, 25-11-2003 a las 01:05, Sven Herzberg escribió:
> Am Mo, den 24.11.2003 schrieb Danilo Segan um 22:52:
> > This is definitely a wasted effort for translators: users will not
> > need names of towns other than those they have heard of, and they're
> > more likely to need towns that are not in that list (eg. tiny towns
> > in their own country of residence).
> Christian Neumair, the leader of the german GNOME translation once hat
> the plan to create some kind of libgeographic with lots of geographic
> names and descriptions to be translated.
> If one could get all those names extracted from evolution and into
> libgeographic, then evolution and other country/city-related stuff can
> profit from translation of this module.

I don't think we need a new module for that, we can just use the
iso-codes (I think it's only in Debian but it aims to be more widely
used, you can see more information here: [1]). I will use
that package with GNOME Translation Status pages and I have also a TODO
task to integrate that package inside GNOME so we don't waste our time
translating every time the same strings.


[1] Due some security problems inside Debian that page is not available,
but you can see it with google:

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