Re: PROPOSAL: Evolution for GNOME 2.6

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 22:45, Seth Nickell wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Nov 2003 10:35pm, Nat Friedman wrote:
> > On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 12:59, Rob Adams wrote:
> >>  We'd be insane if we didn't put evolution into the desktop release.
> >>  Would evolution be moving to gnome CVS/gnome bugzilla?
> >
> > Moving the bugzilla is hard, because we have a lot of existing bugs on
> > and all the links would die.  Even doing something
> > like saying "all new bugs will be in b.g.o" is hard because you can't 
> > do
> > cross-bugzilla dup-marking and things like that.
> We did manage with nautilus/eazel bugzilla, though I'm sure it wasn't 
> easy. That said... I'm not sure how importnant it is to migrate into evo 
> into gnome bugzilla (other than as a "matter of principle).

FWIW, I believe the scripts that did the nautilus import (which
maintained inter-bug links, etc.) are still around somewhere in cvs or
on widget. I'd have to poke around, though. In general, it /is/ a nice
thing for the bugsquad to have it all in one place, and I believe JP is
fine with that. The benefits aren't that great, though, so if the
knowledge of how to migrate stuff has been lost, the cost may be too
high at this time.


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