RE: No Flags "Policy"

Sergey V. Oudaltsov wrote:
> > It the software can work without the flags then the ability 
> to have flags is
> > not must-have, but nice.
> Really. I would qualify it as "should have" (to the best of 
> my English).


> I know Windows does not show flags - and overall, the 
> standard keyboard
> switcher in Windows sucks - it is no way the example I would 
> consider as
> the leader in the area. That is why when I work on any 
> Windows machine,
> the second program I install is SwitchIt! (the first one is the FAR
> Manager). And a lot of people do share my taste .

OK, so I can't persuade you that the Flag Icon feature is not very useful
(you don't need to try persuade me any more), but I think we all agree that
there should not be any use of flags by default.

Whether or not Flags should be shipped, and how they might be detected if
they are installed, are separate questions, of course.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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