RE: No Flags "Policy"

> It the software can work without the flags then the ability to have flags is
> not must-have, but nice.
Really. I would qualify it as "should have" (to the best of my English).
The windows "prototype" of gswitchit ( by default uses
flags. And it is one of the reasons people waste time installing it
(others reasons are: more rich set of shortcuts, customizable sounds,
the icon in the windows title, and other bells and whistles).

> In the gswitchit situation, I think it's almost useless. If you need proof,
> then Windows manages quite happily without it. It would be nice to discuss
> other specific software that might need them.
I know Windows does not show flags - and overall, the standard keyboard
switcher in Windows sucks - it is no way the example I would consider as
the leader in the area. That is why when I work on any Windows machine,
the second program I install is SwitchIt! (the first one is the FAR
Manager). And a lot of people do share my taste .

I hope you understand my wish to make my code usable at least for me:)

BTW, historically, arguably the best (most advanced and feature full)
pre-gswitchit xkb indicator for X is xxkb by Ivan Pascal (BTW, recently
Timur Bakeev improved its GNOME compatibility). Guess - what is used
there for the layout indication? Hint: not labels.

Just out of curiosity - how many layouts are currently configured in
your XFree desktop? How often do you switch them? Do you use any kind of
layout indicator?


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