Re: No Flags "Policy"

Sri Ramkrishna menulis:
I think this thread is starting to lose purpose. LJFD. As someone said earlier if it's good enough for the United Nations it's good enough for GNOME.

how do we get country listing?
there are many option

1. from ISO
2. from UN
4. Olympic council
6. (can you guy list it down)

i saw palestine listed at IOC (Olympic)

but not listed in the UN list.
chinese taipei also listed in IOC, but not in UN list.

taiwan is listed in ISO country code, but not in UN

I think, UN list is not good enough to be reference.
maybe other listing is more suitable.

if we want to allow flag in GNOME, better choose a standard as reference.
otherwise, use No Flag Policy

If there is a big hue and cry they are free to change the software to
whatever world view they want.  Technically allow distros and  people  to
create flag sets for whatever country to fit whatever prejducice.  But
it's useless to cater to everyone's prejudice.

LJFD. :-)


Hasbullah Bin Pit (sebol)

"Fiber optic tu kecik, kalau kita letak high speed internet 312 Kbps tu,
 nanti fiber tu pecah." -  1-300-88-9515

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