Re: No Flags "Policy"

<quote who="Chipzz">

> It may be a horrible solution, but at least it's far better than not
> including flags at all. And who will determine which flags are 'politicaly
> charged'? I think we just mentioned most of them in this thread.

Hardly. Sorry. :-)

> I am proposing a technical solution to a political problem. What is your
> issue with that? Of course, you're welcome to propose a better solution.

There's no technical solution to this. It's all or nothing. All is basically
inappropriate for two incredibly sensible reasons:

  a) The flags are being misused in the UI anyway, so are not necessary

  b) They cause all sorts of problems

So, nothing. It is hardly controversial, just a simple, straight-forward

- Jeff

GNOME Summit 2003: New York, USA
      "Creative thinkers make many false starts, and continually waver
   between unmanageable fantasies and systematic attack." - Harry Hepner

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